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Instead of using a framework the challenge I took was to build everything from ground up, ensuring maximum scalability and optimization of database queries tailored specifically for the project’s purposes. I’ve created my own framework as a result. It was mostly driven by my appreciation of the neat solutions and well organized efficient code. I could spend hours (of joy) investigating potential bottlenecks and inventing smart ways to overcome them. This helped me to learn a lot about SQL and about OOP techniques in general as well as gain proficient knowledge in PHP.

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Further in the project I have created a language support system that allowed volunteer users to translate the whole interface in their language. It automatically created all the required files (with security in mind) so that the system got immediate updates.

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During the final stage before leaving the project I have created a fully-functional JSON API for a potential mobile application and the improvement of the existing interface.

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My additional roles included administrating the webserver, backups, initially designing and managing the database, editing jQuery interface (after my partner has left), coming up with ideas on improving user engagement which included contests, games and etc.

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