Wave energy plant model (2013)

As part of UNSW Australia Engineering program (ENGG1000 course) in a team of 5 we’ve built a Wave Energy harnessing device. It was a model of an onshore (or close offshore) chamber wave energy plant with a bi-directional airflow for the turbine. We had to design within the given project constraints (it had to fit in the testing wave generator) to maximize the airflow through the outlet. We’ve made several design decisions on the shape of our chamber and the position of the air outlet to achieve that.

During the testing phase (at the end of the course) the airflow was measured and we have got good results in the top 3 of the participants. Our team was called SWellBeing.

After testing it was found that we should have increased the chamber entrance height, because it would have allowed us to harness the waves much better. With the existing chamber entrance height some waves flowed above the chamber so only the lower part of the wave’s crest pushed the air into the chamber. Also the overflow sometimes suffocated the chamber, not letting the air in.

I took part in all stages of the designing, building and report writing, and also was the one to create a 3D model of our design in Autodesk AutoCAD.