HSRDP: Joint motor driver PCB (2016, left the project)

The HSRDP as London Hackspace had a fully working board prototype on it. The robotics group has decided to move on from that and change the main microcontoller to the Connected Launchpad vs Arduino Mega, because the chip on Launchpad could do floating point operations and they were needed for the odd nature of calculations in some of the joint modules.

Around the same time Eugene has made an H-bridge board for a servomotor using a MOSFET transistor chip 2-in-1. And so he wanted me to use those.

My main challenge was to find out how things connect, decide on the Pin connections to the Launchpad and then, the hardest of all, do the track routing so be able to accomodate everything with minimum vias (which turned out to be about 94).


The biggest challenge was the fact that the main 2×20 connector had some pins hard assigned, so I could not move them around and had to route around the connector quite a few times. This layout took some time and brain power to minimize things and fit everything in. Three mondays later the PCB layout was complete and we went on to milling it on the Hackspace’s Shapeoko. But that’s an update for later.

Screenshot from 2016-04-05 00:00:19