Ravioli machine (2017)

My final project (Thesis A and Thesis B) at UNSW Australia and the first project at Robotix Automation was to design and build a ravioli machine suitable for small to medium enterprises. I worked on this project part time combined with other university studies from March 2017 until November 2017. The main idea was to design a machine that would utilize predominantly off-the-shelf components and parts that would require low-cost manufacturing in order to make it competitive on the market. Furthermore advanced approaches to the control and using latest industry sensing technologies this machine is meant to beat the competitor machines of similar cost in terms of productivity, producing about 600 kg/hr instead of 250 kg/hr. Meanwhile, the footprint of the machine is kept small as the increase in the productivity is achieved only by improvements in the shaping and cutting processes.

I have produced 3 design iterations using Autodesk Inventor, came to the final design, selected components and designed a preliminary control system. I have produced extensive documentation in the form of a thesis in my penultimate year at UNSW Australia. I have been awarded High Distinction for the project. Currently the project is in the procurement stage. The plan is to build a prototype, test it and conclude if it’s suitable for the market. I have received a lot of mentorship from my supervisor from Robotix Automation during this project that allowed me to produce a high quality design and learn professional approaches in order to tackle other projects while at the company.