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InMoov updated version (2016, left the project)

In my free time from work I have been visiting Wevolver guys’ new office at Fablab London to finalize some parts of the InMoov for the Robots For Good project. We have reprinted the crucial parts with good quality about 60-70% fill and 2.4mm thickness walls. The worm gears were printed with 100% (solid) fill. It took some time, but step by step both arms of the robot came along. I have learnt a few things about 3D print quality, wall thickness, fill and 3D printer tuning (on Ultimakers at least) along the way. Share: Twitter Facebook Google+…


InMoov Robot (Unbound event version, 2015)

In early November I joined the Robots For Good project started by Wevolver staff. They had an almost fully printed InMoov Robot (designed by Gael Langevin). However it happened so that they needed to have it moving in some way (at least pre-scripted movements) in 2 weeks time for the Unbound tech exhibition event in London. It was their side project as their main work is the Wevolver website and community. I was confident enough by that time to agree on the offer to help them with InMoov. And so it began. I have faced a few challenges. The main one being a close deadline and a few others involved poor quality prints of some essential moving parts such as gearboxes for shoulders. I spent a lot of time filing the gears and reprinting some parts on a handy Ultimaker 2 we had at London Hackspace at the time. I also had to take out almost every single servomotor, take it apart, take out the potentiometers and put it back together. It was required by the InMoov design, but has not been done before. It was needed because the shoulder gearboxes had worm gears and we needed the have those potentiometers to be the feedback of the actual angle the arm has turned, not how much the worm gear has turned. My soldering skills have really improved after this project. Another problem I faced was the fact that gearboxes would have too much friction. Yes, the quality of Ultimaker 2 is fairly good but still the gears would need a lot of filing before they could be used in the gearboxes. After hours of filing and packing the gearboxes with automotive grease – I could see the arms moving. The last bit of the task was to make it possible…