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Aquaponics 2 (in progress)

My current aquaponics project is still in progress. I’ve started it in early 2015 and have been working on and off when I had some time off university. It consists so far of a bamboo vertical wall and a bamboo fish tank. The system has not been launched yet. I have designed some parts of the system using Solidworks but mostly sketched stuff on paper and on iPad. The vertical wall is built by hand using power and hand tools in my garage. I had to learn how to properly cut and split bamboo as well as how to put holes into the poles without splitting it. The 160mm dia poles were so thick – it was almost impossible to cut holes with a holesaw and a handheld power drill that I had. So I made a decision to make perpendicular cuts and then used a chisel to take the leftover pieces out. It was relatively easy, because of the longitudinal structure of the bamboo. To make the fish tank, I’ve designed a well-structure using the poles and used a piece of pond liner. I then put together a bamboo mat using the traditional weaving techniques (slightly simplified). I’ve pretty much mastered weaving mats out of split bamboo poles back then, it took me about 3 hours to make the mat that covers the fish tank. Currently I’m deciding on how to connect the two parts, either by putting the PVC pipes or by creating a wheeled robot that would perform the pumping and moving water back and forth. I have other ideas I wish to implement in this project, experimenting with mechatronics and automation of such systems. [To be updated] [more photos and videos pending] Share: Twitter Facebook Google+…