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Underwater Robotic Arm (2014)

As a part of UNSW Engineering program (MMAN2100 course) in a team of 6 we have designed a prototype of Underwater Robotic Arm which would act as an educational game for children attending the NSW Maritime Museum. We were told that apparently if our design is good, some parts may be implemented in the real device. Our task included coming up with ideas and the full CAD design of the prototype. One of the major parts of this task was documenting (as in report writing). We created a requirements document, decision matrix, BOM and User Manual. The report was incremental and was strictly marked on a fortnightly basis, which really made us all learn what to do and what not to do while documenting an engineering project. We also had to maintain an engineering logbook throughout the process, logging the design process. The project required a lot of good teamwork. We had weekly group meetings and distributed tasks. Even though we did not have assigned leaders, the group performed rather well as a team. We had almost no issues with deadlines and when we did the most reliable people from the group (including me) managed to pull through. We have received High Distinction for the project, which was my initial goal (to finally get the highest mark for the group course). As a team member apart from the basic responsibilities I produced the majority of the complicated parts of the design in Solidworks as I was eager to improve my CAD skills. This project has inspired me to transfer to the Mechatronics stream of Engineering program at UNSW because I enjoyed fiddling with robotics so much (even on a virtual level). Unfortunately the course did not require us to produce a physical prototype (due to time limitations), but at the…


Air pump

As a part of UNSW Engineering program (MMAN1300 course) in a team of 6 we have designed and manufactured a prototype of a mechanical air pump. In the first part of the course we came up with sketches of our ideas on how to create the pump and acquired essential machining and metal work skills in TAFE workshops on a weekly basis. Later on we designed the parts of the pump in Solidworks and produced engineering drawings according to AS1100 standards. Using the produced drawings each member of the team machined a part assigned to them. We had to communicate a lot and include some adjustments in our design as we found some complications in the machining process. That taught us that it’s very important to know the limitations of the manufacturing when you design parts in CAD. However we managed to succeed in manufacturing all parts and assembled our prototype according to the deadline. In the end of the course we have subjected the fully assembled pump to a generic test performed by UNSW Engineering staff. Our pump was attached to a test jig and it was supposed to inflate and burst a balloon in several jig strokes. Our pump has passed the test and we got full marks. Share: Twitter Facebook Google+…